Welcome to our website, which I have set up to encourage further research, archiving and accessibility to the history of the H&G Simonds Ltd Brewery of Reading, its business at home and abroad, its estate, beers, memorabilia and of all the people associated with them throughout the nearly 200 years of its existence.

I have also included a little about the ‘J&C Simonds Bank’ that was founded in Reading by Charles Simonds and others in 1791 and was sold to Barclays in 1913.

This is and will remain my hobby and as such will also remain very much ‘work in progress’ with consequential inconsistencies and perhaps even errors! So – if you have any constructive comments, relevant historical information, images or documents to share that might be loaded here, it would be great to hear from you through the ‘Contact’ button please.


Pub Estate – updated

Following some useful contributions from visitors to the site, I have been able to add more images of old Simonds pubs as well as to identify many of those with missing names or places.  Please keep up the good work and send me any pub images or data you may have!  The updated page is here.


Many thanks to all those who have contributed their time, personal archives and enthusiasm to this project.  Without you this site would have nothing like the scope you now find.  I have finally managed to write some acknowledgements and posted them – you can find them in the ‘With thanks to’ tab in the footer.