Red Rice, Abbots Ann, Andover
This was the home of Henry Adolphus Simonds (1855-1904) until he moved to Audleys Wood in 1899. It was a fine Georgian home with a sporting estate, so the owner could indulge his passion for shooting. It was said to have been the hideaway of one of Charles II’s mistresses.

Red Rice 1 1961Red Rice 1Red Rice 5 drawing room & chandelierRed Rice 3 Turf walkRed Rice 4 turf walk & beech Av

Interesting to note that there appears to be no electric light in the drawing room image.
This is a family letter to relatives in New York, explaining the horrors of the night it caught fire over Easter in 1892, written by Mary Simonds, née Turnbull (1857-1930)