Their daughter Ellen Hearn Simonds (1850-1935) was born and lived in New York. In 1925 she was persuaded to write down her recollections of the family from this period.

You can read them in the story that she wrote, aptly entitled: “For the Next Generation”. It is on the bookshelf at the bottom of this page.
Her family so enjoyed her first set of recollections, that in 1926 she reluctantly wrote some more, focussed on the other side of her family, the De Luze family of Bordeaux and Switzerland.
This picture of Ellen is from about 1855.
Simonds Ellen Hearn 1855
It is the story of the Printed Linen Industry in Neuchatel, Switzerland and the role of the De Luze and De Pourtales families in the 17th & 18th centuries, summarising work by Alice Dreyer. Click on the front page to open her 2nd story: