Simonds L de L 1907

Louis de Luze Simonds (1852-1916) was born in New York to Frederick William Simonds (1819-1896) & Sophie Elizabeth De Luze (1824-1910) the daughter of Louis Philippe de Luze, the Swiss Consul in New York and who Frederick had met through the Ogden family on the ship that took him to New York in 1841.
In 1871, Louis’ uncle Henry Adolphus Simonds (1885-1904), then a Partner in the family brewery H & G Simonds, visited his brother Frederick William Simonds in New York to seek help because he had no son and heir.  They agreed that Louis, then aged just 19, would be invited to the UK to be trained to eventually take on the running of the family business. Louis took quite some persuading, initially rejecting the offer. In a poignant family letter of November 1871 that you can read HERE, Louis recorded his very natural concerns at the move, but agrees to go. So it was that, ‘after one last Christmas at home’ that in January 1872, Louis arrived in Reading, moving in with his uncle at Audleys Wood and started work. He continued working up until his death at Audleys Wood from pneumonia in 1916, where his Coat of Arms still decorates the hall windows.

In January 1880 Louis married Mary Elizabeth Turnbull (1857-1930)
Turnbull Mary 1900
Mary was the daughter of Gavin Ainslie Turnbull (1826-1890), Surgeon General who served in the Crimea, at Sebastopol and in India and Mary Isabella Myers (1827-1869). Mary was descended for the ‘Duncan’ clan of famous Naval Officers and Chief Rabbi Aaron Uri Phoebus Hart (1670 Breslau – 1756 London) (Hebrew: רבי אהרן אורי פײבוש הרט‎)‎ who was the first Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and the Rabbi of the Great Synagogue of London from 1704 until his death.Turnbull GA 1850
Louis & Mary lived at a house called ‘The Point’ at 120 Bath Road, Reading, now a small hotel. He named it after his family holiday home on long Island, New York. It was conveniently located next door to his uncle Blackall Simonds home ‘The Priory’ and within easy walking distance from the brewery. Louis & Mary were married in 1880 and moved in here about then, since the 1881 census shows them in residence with the baby Frederick. 4 more children followed in 5 years, so they built on the ‘West wing’ to accommodate them.The Point no text
When his family outgrew it in 1901, they moved in with his generous uncle Henry Adolphus Simonds at Audleys Wood, outside Basingstoke.
Henry and Blackall Simonds, then the partners running the Brewery, both died childless and Louis took up the reins. First as Company Secretary when H&G Simonds was first registered in 1885, then acting as Chairman from 1872 – 1916. He died suddenly in the flu epidemic, whilst still in office. So that his family portrait had to be made from a likeness on a black & white photograph.
A keen sportsman, he travelled regularly to fish for the large salmon that famously visited the River Orkla of Trondheim, Norway.
Simonds L de L 1912