Didn’t we have a memorable weekend!

160 Simonds relatives in one place – was always going to be a great party!

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PHOTOS: To help you find them, the images have been divided into groups by ‘event’. Click on an image to view and download it in a format where you can print up to about 5″x8″ image size – or download the whole page of images in high resolution for larger prints, by following the instructions at the beginning. There are two photos of the whole group tagged as ‘panoramic’ – these are very high resolution, and can be printed in poster size. Remember, it may take time to download the page as they are huge files!

VIDEOS OF SPEECHES: You can download the videos if you prefer, but they are also available on YouTube. Click HERE for a link to our videos on YouTube.

PHOTO ARCHIVES: There is a collection of images from our family archive including those that I used in my speech. When you click on one to look closely or download these, you can identify them by the file name on each one, for ladies I use the maiden names. If you have interest in other family archives, do get in touch.

Login & Password clue: The name of the reunion venue, in two words and you will have to enter it twice!