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Noted Breweries of Great Britain and Ireland, by Alfred Barnard.
Barnard spent 2 years on a grand tour around the breweries of England, Ireland and Scotland. His apparent aim was to educate the reader in 4 volumes on the manufacture of beer and also to tell the historical story of the then leading brewers.

The first two volumes are concerned with the larger breweries, while in the 3rd & 4th volumes he explores the smaller regional breweries. He points out that these smaller breweries are just as interesting as the larger ones, due to the antiquity or fame of the brewery or the character of their beers. The first 29 pages of the fourth volume provide a fascinating insight into H&G Simonds Ltd, its business and culture, at a time when it was producing about 150,000 barrels a year and are available HERE:

The 18 images from Barnard’s work on H&G Simonds are available on request in higher resolution, for educational or research purposes only. Enquire through the contact link below.
In The Journal of the Brewery History Society, Vol 140, Paul Bayley examines this work in the context of the Brewing Industry of the era:

1890 Barnard Noted Breweries of GB & Ireland H&GS

1890 Brewery History Soc vol 140 - Barnard