This is an engraving of the Brewery as it appeared about the time of Barnard’s work.

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1895 Brewery Print

This fabulous artwork dates from early 1890’s and was used later as the basis for one of the iconic Brewery Mirrors

Designed by Soane, the family home in the middle of the brewery yard was demolished to make more space for brewery vehicles!

No preservation orders in those days – – –

The Brewery must have flourished fairly quickly because in about 1800 William Blackall Simonds moved his family out of Brewery House and into the Old Rectory at Caversham, later known as Caversham Court. His descendants on the Henry Simonds line lived on there for about one hundred years. Brewery House was turned into offices and was finally pulled down in the 1890’s when a new office building was erected on the opposite side of the road.