The last brew at the old Seven Bridges Brewery buildings on Bridge Street was on June 25th 1980.

Here is the sad report of the occasion in the Courage Central staff newsletter of the following month:

A special commemorative ale was brewed and issued in a small case to every employee and many other followers. These still turn up from time to time in near pristine condition some 40 years later – which underlines the reverence in which they were held by those lucky enough to receive one!  If of interest – I have a spare carton [part full] I am willing to sell.

Not everybody was so reverential! My son held a typically rowdy teenage party in about 2003. Running short of beer, they spotted a case of this on display above a high rafter – and dank the lot!  The beer was clearly still good as nobody seemed unduly sick next day!



The site was demolished soon after to make way for what is now the Oracle shopping centre. This plaque, originally from the offices, was salvaged from the debris.