The Hop Leaf Gazette was the ‘In House’ magazine of H&G Simonds Ltd for distribution to management, staff & publicans. First published monthly in October 1926, it was also later for public sale. Produced monthly until the darkest days and paper shortages of WW2, it last appeared in its original blue covered format in December 1942. Relaunched in March 1943 it was then issued quarterly until the Autumn of 1961 when the Simonds name stopped being used. There was one final ‘Souvenir Issue’ in 1985 to celebrate 200 years of brewing at ‘The Bridge Street Brewery’, that was drafted by the last member of the Simonds family to serve as a Director of H&G Simonds and later of Courage Brewery, David Simonds.

The few monthly issues in the archive dated from before March 1942 are shown here. They are effectively duplicates from the previous section of annual issues.

Vol I – IX, 1927 – 1935

Vol X – XI, 1936

Vol XI – XII, 1937

Vol XII – XIII, 1938

Vol XIII – XIV, 1939

Vol XIV – XV, 1940

Vol XV – XVI, 1941

Vol XVI, 1942

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