VE Day, Family Tribute

Our family suffered many casualties of various wars, but on this special day I would like to honour 2 sets of brothers. Click on their names to see their stories:

My mother’s 2 brothers, Raymond  Stevens & Edwin Stevens:.  There is a video memorial  HERE:

My father’s 2 cousins, twin brothers Gavin & John Simonds: Just before he died, John wrote an extraordinary letter to his stepson HERE: later published by his wife Barbara.

New image of Drays

Chris Gould sent me this lovely image!  We did extensive repairs to the image and he used a microscope to decipher the words ‘Southern Railway’ on the sign.  So we now know it is a delivery to the Bonded stores at Reading Station. Thanks to the ‘sleuths’ out there!

BBC Radio Berkshire – Interview

I was interviewed on Brewery History this morning by Kirsten Walker just after the 10.00 am news. To listen, click HERE and go to 07.30 for the 1st session.

On a Personal Note:

My lovely niece has contracted the little known and even less understood Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. If you would like to know more of her or of this cancer, or even to contribute to its cure, please click HERE: 

New pub images loaded!

There were about 65 new pub images loaded in the spring with another 25 in October! Nearly all kindly contributed by John Berry. Some have not been identified – so please do have a look and see if you can help with this?