Many thanks to all those who have contributed their time, personal archives and enthusiasm to this project. Without you this site would have nothing like the scope you now find. I have finally managed to write some acknowledgements and posted them – you can find them in the ‘With thanks to’ tab in the footer.

Hop Leaf Gazettes – Library released!

120 issues of the Brewery in-house magazine, ‘The Hop Leaf Gazette’ have been loaded as flipbooks to ‘bookshelves’ under the ‘Marketing’ tab. There are many more that I do not have, so I would be very interested to hear from anyone who can help us to ‘fill in the gaps’ so that we can build up a more complete resource here.

A Celebration of Beer

BBC Radio Berkshire is celebrating Reading’s brewing heritage, as part of Reading Year of Culture 2016.
We’ll be telling the fascinating story of how Reading beer was transformed from a disgusting swill hated by locals, to an ale loved all over the world.

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BBC Berkshire Phone Interview

I spoke with Bill Buckley today as part of the build up to next Tuesday’s ‘Celebration of Beer event, at Reading Town Hall. Read more for the audio clip and programme plan.

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Simonds Family website is live!

This website is devoted to archive material, so do not expect much ‘hot news’!

I will however try to use this page to announce significant updates and the loading of new archives and data, so that visitors can refer quickly and avoid searching through to see what may be ‘new’. I still have very extensive archives to review and load over time, including an extensive library of ‘Hop Leaf Gazette’ issues, historical family letters and some other family biographies.

I also hope to have contributions to add from visitors who may have relevant archive material to offer to the community.