During the 1950’s, the brewery was a vertically integrated organisation with its own architect’s department responsible for the design and development of the roughly 1100 pubs and 36 small hotels making up its estate.

Clearly the department was proud of its work because among the archives of H&G Simonds in Bristol we found this fabulous album of 10×8 inch photographs, each one beautifully annotated in white ink.

The image of The Peackock off licence is especially interesting. This was built on the site of the original Simonds brewery tap on Broad Street that dated from before 1780.

If you own or run one of these, do get in touch as I would be delighted to supply you with a print.

You can see the story of Reg Norkett who worked at the Brewery as an architect from 1954-1960 on his blog HERE:

The images are now in better resolution image format. I have hi-res versions if of interest for historical purposes.: