Here is a great selection of the pubs and properties of H&G Simonds Ltd. If you can add to it – please send me information or images to show here. If you are searching for more information, then the in-house magazine that was published from 1926 – 1960, ‘The Hop Leaf Gazette’ always carried articles on new and refurbished pubs and there are also some interesting websites that list ‘lost pubs’.

The only definitive list of Simonds pubs was their own working document 1958, immediately before the fateful merger: -HERE-

Bristol pubs merit their own page, as does the photo album of the Brewery’s own in-house design department.

Unidentified images are tagged ‘X’ at the bottom – can you help us to identify any?

With particular thanks to John Berry, who has now contributed 100’s of images from his own research!

The Brewery History Society has kindly allowed me to include some images from their website. They are all tagged [BHS]. Their long list of Simonds Pubs, with still more images, is – HERE: